For the individual projects listed, 85% of the proceeds go to the project developers to help maintain and expand their life-changing, climate saving projects. The remaining 15% is used to cover the variable foreign exchange fees and PayPal service, VAT where applicable, and charges and administrative costs in maintaining the platform and transparently retiring the credits. You can find more information here>>


For the Climate+ Portfolio - the approach is slightly different as it offsets from a variety of projects. This portfolio includes Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from project developers who choose to donate a portion of their credits to Gold Standard rather than pay the full fee for certification. This arrangement has helped many project developers improve the financial viability for their project development and certification. But it does mean that the proceeds for this option go directly to Gold Standard to support our initiatives and innovations and the ongoing improvement of our standard. You can find more information about this approach here>>