Purchase online via the Gold Standard website 


You can purchase carbon credits from projects certified to Gold Standard via our website>>. The Gold Standard marketplace allows companies to offset their emissions with high-integrity carbon credits in a simple, transparent way. Retirements are made in a public registry in real-time for full traceability, and certificates to document the purchase of carbon credits are generated automatically. Proceeds benefit project developers directly, enabling them to maintain and expand their project activity and deliver more climate and sustainable development impact.


Direct from the project developers


The Gold Standard Impact Registry lists all the projects certified to Gold Standard. You can search and filter the projects that meet your strategic objectives and reach out to the project developers directly to make a purchase. 


Use a carbon consultant or retailer


International carbon consultants and retailers provide advice and can assist you to quantify your carbon footprint and select the right offsets to meet your specific needs. You can find a list of reputable carbon consultants on the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance website: https://www.icroa.org/page-18187

Carbon offsetting guide: What you need to know about taking climate action

Our offsetting guide provides more information on why offsetting is urgently needed, the positive difference it can make, and how to take climate action.