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These FAQs refer to the Digital SDG Impact Tool


General Information

What is the Digital SDG Impact Tool?

The Digital SDG Impact Tool is a digital tool used to report, validate and verify project SDG impact information.  Project developers use the tool to input SDG impact data and safeguarding principles assessment for projects. VVBs and Reviewers use the tool to review project information as part of validation/verification and certification reviews (such as design review or performance review).  


The digitised version replaces the previous MS Excel-based SDG Impact Tool.


Who should use the Digital SDG Impact Tool?

Project developers, Validation and Verification Bodies (VVB) and Reviewers must all use the Digital SDG Impact Tool. 

If you are a new Project Developer, please open a new Gold Standard Impact Registry Account and begin the certification process. Access to the tool will then be granted upon a project achieving Listed status.

Will APIs be available to integrate the SDG Impact Tool with DMRV tools?

Gold Standard is placing a key focus this year on digitalisation and integration of our systems, including the provision of APIs. Incorporating digital MRV is a part of the plan but we do not yet have timescales to share.

When will usage of the SDG Impact Tool become mandatory? 

The Excel version of the SDG Impact Tool is currently mandatory for usage to record project SDG impacts.  

From 1st Sept 2024, projects with ‘Listed’ status not yet submitted for design review are required to use the new digital SDG Impact Tool.  

From 1st Feb 2025 projects with ‘Listed’ status and projects / VPAs submitted for Design Review or Design Certification Renewal Review are required to use the new digital SDG Impact Tool. 

From 1st Aug 2025 all projects must use the digital SDG Impact Tool and the Excel tool will be withdrawn. 

Project Developers – Use of the Tool

At which stage in the certification process can project developers use the SDG Impact Tool?

Project developers should use the tool for submission of project information at all the stages of certification i.e. validation, verification, design change and design certification renewal. Please see the step by step guide to certification for more information on these stages of the certification process.

How and when will my project be uploaded to the SDG Impact Tool?

When a project achieves “Listed” status it is added automatically to the registry and the SDG Impact Tool. It should automatically appear in your account on the SDG Impact Tool. If there are any issues with this or you have any questions, please contact us. An account will only be created on the SDG Impact Tool once your first project achieves listed status.


All projects that have already achieved Listed status, or are further along the certification pathway, should already be visible in your account on the SDG Impact Tool when you gain access. Please let us know if something appears to be missing.

Can project developers use the SDG Impact Tool for submission at preliminary review stage?

No, the Digital SDG Impact Tool cannot be submitted at the time of preliminary review.

Are emission reductions calculated in the SDG Impact Tool?

Calculations for emissions reductions contributing to SDG13 will not be included in the SDG Impact Tool. These will still need to be calculated separately and reported in the PDD, Monitoring Report or separate ER calculation sheet according to GS4GG requirements.  However, the amount of emission reduced/removed must also be reported on SDG Impact Tool under impact to SDG 13.

Which project type should I select in the SDG Impact Tool for a project with multiple technologies?

For a project using multiple technologies project developers should use the ‘Others’ project type

Will the tool be updated to add new functionality?  New monitoring indicators?  

The Digital SDG Impact Tool will be updated quarterly to incorporate any changes to the standard and include new monitoring indicators as required.  If you would like to propose a new monitoring indicator for inclusion please complete the template for proposal of monitoring indicators for inclusion in the SDG Impact tool and send to us at

How are projects structured as Programmes of Activities (POAs) treated in the tool?

Each Voluntary Project Activity (VPA) for a POA will appear within the SDG Impact Tool after it is listed. For functionality specific to PoAs, please refer to the user guide here.

After the implementation of the Digital SDG Impact Tool, do I need to report the same information in the project documentation such as Project Design Document (PDD) or Monitoring Report (MR)?

Once the project developer has started using the Digital SDG Impact Tool, the information (relevant to SDG impact and safeguarding principles) need not be replicated in the project documentation. However, you will be requested to provide a brief summary of the information from the tool into the project document. 

Project Developers – Getting Access

Which email address should Project Developers sign up with?

Project developers should log in using the email address associated with their Gold Standard registry account. You can sign up for the tool by clicking on the ‘LOG IN’ button and following the instructions for signing up. Full details on how to sign up are included in the user guide.

Can multiple users access the same SDG Impact Tool account?

A Project Developer’s account in the SDG Impact Tool can have multiple users. Users should sign up with their official email ID and mention the name of the Project Developer account that they would like access to – this can be done when they are prompted with a few questions during the sign up process.  

Existing users on the Project Developer registry account will be given access to the Project Developer SDG Impact Tool account after verification by the Gold Standard administrator. Access requests for parties who are not existing users on the Project Developer registry account will require authorisation from the Project Developer registry account manager. 

Access is granted at the Project Developer account level, so it is not possible to grant user access to individual projects.


I have more than one registry account for my projects. Will I have more than one SDG Impact Tool account?  

Project developers will have an SDG Impact Tool account for each registry account (excluding registry accounts without any projects).

Can a project developer use multiple SDG Impact Tool accounts?

An email address can only be associated with one SDG Impact Tool account. If you need to access multiple SDG Impact Tool accounts, you would need to use different email addresses, or we could remove you from one account and add you to the other if your access requirement was temporary. For such instances, please contact us.

VVBs - Accessing and Using the Tool

I am a new auditor/VVB, how can I learn more about the tool?

All new auditors and VVBs are requested to use the SDG Impact tool user manual for VVBs to get to know the features and functionality of the tool. 


If you have any questions that are not answered from the manual or these FAQs, please direct your enquiry to us at

How will the projects appear in my account in the SDG Impact Tool?

When a project developer makes a submission for any certification scope, they will be required to select a VVB. Once they select your VVB’s name and make the submission, the project will automatically appear on your SDG Impact Tool account.

How can multiple auditors access the SDG Impact Tool for one VVB?

Only one account per VVB will be created. There can be multiple users in that one account.

Can I revert a submission that I made erroneously?

A submission once made, either back to the project developer or to the reviewer cannot be revoked. If such an error has occurred, Gold Standard suggests getting in touch with the relevant recipient as early as possible so that they can send the project back to you.

Can I delete a finding I raised erroneously?

A finding once raised cannot be deleted. It can however be closed in subsequent rounds with an explanation that it was raised erroneously. 

How do I train my new auditors to use the SDG Impact Tool efficiently?

Gold Standard has released various resources to enable VVBs to train their auditors:


If any further support is needed, please contact us at

Are there any new elements to be validated or verified in the monitoring plan and safeguarding principles in the digital SDG tool compared to previous reviews that did not include the SDG Impact Tool?

No. The scope of validation and/or verification remains the same as it was earlier. The digital tool has been created with an intention to standardise and streamline the process only. It doesn’t change the scope of assessment. 

How will I know if a project has been submitted to me?

Once the project developer chooses your VVB’s name while making the submission, you will receive an email on the ID associated with your VVB’s SDG Impact Tool account. Please make sure to check your junk email folder as well if you are not receiving these emails. 

Support and Feedback

Where can I get help if I have issues using the tool?

Gold Standard has published user manuals and support videos for project developers and VVBs. These can be accessed on the SDG Impact Tool page


If you have a question that is not answered within these support materials please contact us at

Gold Standard welcomes feedback on the SDG Impact Tool during the initial period of use before the tool is mandatory via the feedback form.

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