A CDM project, or Programme of Activities (PoAs) and/or CDM Programme Activities (CPAs) - including projects that are already registered with Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG) for CER labelling - seeking to transition to GS4GG to issue Gold Standard VERs are not required to be deregistered from the CDM. However, the project must claim emission reductions of a given vintage only once, under one single scheme. The project developer needs to make a declaration, in writing, in the monitoring report to state that the project developer will not issue both a CER and a Gold Standard VER for the same vintage from a project that is registered with Gold Standard.


The full requirements for projects transitioning to Gold Standard for the Global Goals can be located in Annex B of the GHG Emission Reductions & Sequestration Product Requirements. The template created to simplify the process is the Transition Request Form.

The relevant information and templates can be accessed on the CDM Transition Featured Requirements.