CDM PoAs/CPAs/projects pursuing issuance of provisional CERs i.e. CERs vintage post 2021 (subject to CMP decision at the end of 2021) may transition to GS-VER by filling the Transition Request Form. Note that the following flexibilities are accorded to such transitions – 


  • Transitioning CDM PoAs/CPAs/projects may utilize the validation and verification audit activities already carried out under the CDM process and the Validation/Verification Body (VVB) shall be required to provide a confirmation that the PoA/CPA/project meets all Gold Standard Requirements as listed in the Principles and Requirements, Activity Requirements and GHG Product Requirements.  


In the case that post 2020 vintage CERs are approved as a valid instrument by the CMP, and GS-VERs for the corresponding monitoring period have been issued, project developers/CMEs shall be required to take one of the following steps:

  • Withdraw the request for issuance from the CDM by withdrawing the monitoring report for the issuance request including 2021 vintage CERs. This is mandatory if the issued GS-VERs have already been utilized; OR 
  • Withdraw the request for issuance from Gold Standard