No. Gold Standard will continue to issue VERs to projects regardless of whether the host country has authorised the VERs for use by other entities under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and agreed to apply a corresponding adjustment. However a corresponding adjustment will be required for certain uses of post-2020 VERs: for use towards a buying country’s NDC, or for use towards compliance obligations under CORSIA. It is expected that there will also be voluntary buyers interested in purchasing credits that have an associated corresponding adjustment, to support the particular claim that they intend to make.  


Gold Standard plans to update its Double Counting Guidance in the next few months to allow us to manage credits that are authorised for use under Article 6, and will be correspondingly adjusted by their host country. We also intend to update our Claims Guidelines to provide clearer guidance for buyers and other users on the use of credits with and without corresponding adjustments. If project developers or other stakeholders have questions or need guidance in the meantime, they are encouraged to contact the Gold Standard Secretariat.