Change in baseline values

A registered project or VPA applying Annex 3 of the TPDDTEC methodology shall apply one of the below options for parameter Wb,y/Wp,y (Quantity of fuel to treat 1 litre of water using baseline/project technologies) for issuances submitted after 01.07.2020:

Option 1: Default Value

Apply the default values, i.e., woody biomass: 0.4 kg/l; charcoal 0.1 kg/l and for other fuel on woody biomass equivalent terms.Please reach out to for fuels other than woody biomass/charcoal. 

Option 2: Field Test

Fuel consumption (kg/l) determined by conducting field tests with 5 liters of water following Water Boiling Test protocol guidelines. The project developer shall use baseline technology fire power as a diagnostic measure and exclude outlying tests, i.e., those above the reported fire powers in literature for baseline technology. If the result of the tests presents a higher value for fuel requirement, the project developer shall cap the values applied for emission reduction calculation - for woody biomass at 0.5 kg/l; charcoal at 0.125 kg/l; and other fuel as woody biomass equivalent terms. 


An alternative approach for issuance

The project developer may opt for the “compensation approach” to issue GSVERs for the differences in registered baseline values and the revised values for parameter (Wb,y). The project developer should reach out to for details.