The Minimum Pricing model is still in development but the most recent data is as follows:

  • €8.20 for energy efficiency projects;
  • €8.10 for renewable energy projects;
  • €13. for forestry management projects.

The Fairtrade Premium values which must be paid for each Fairtrade Carbon Credit (on top of the Minimum price) are:

  • €1.00 / tCO2e for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects;
  • €1.50 / tCO2e for forestry management projects.

Companies who pay the Minimum Price and Premium levels will also need to pay a ‘Fairtrade Carbon Credit fee’ for market development activities Fairtrade will conduct. This fee level is recommended by Fairtrade International to be 3.5% of the Minimum Price.

You can read more about this on the Fairtrade International website: